Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The American CheeseSteak Co

Time for a restaurant review!  It's time for lunch today and I wanted to go to one of my favorite places reasonably near my work.  The American CheeseSteak Co was a short bus ride across the Granville Street bridge from me.  Yes - if it's worth it I will commute on my lunch.  And believe me this place is worth it.

When I was in Philadelphia for work a few years back I made it a point to try a Cheesesteak there, and I was seriously disappointed.  This is a philly cheesesteak?  Some fried up beef topped with cheese whiz in a bun.  I never knew what the hype was all about.  Then I came here and then I understood. Sorry Philly, your cheesesteaks got nothing on what we have here in Vancouver.

At the American CheeseSteak Co, they use shaved prime rib.  And they give you heapings and heapings of meat.  Not super cheap though with regular size cheesesteaks at $10 and large being $12.  

This is the large size Cowboy Cheesesteak with crispy fried onions, BBQ sauce, and parsley.

Half way through.  Starting to slow down.

Almost didn't finish but I made it!

Here's the bill:

$3 for a Coke in a glass bottle.  Yeah it's not worth $3.

So overall it was really yummy.  I recommend it if you ever get a chance.  A good alternative to a burger.

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