Sunday, March 11, 2012


My first entry in my food blog!  I'm graduating off Facebook / Google+ photo albums and trying this out.  I was having problems with Google+ / Facebook not presenting my write-ups very well, as well as reordering my photos.  Also, one of my co-workers wants me to try writing a real food blog - so here goes!

For those who watch Top Chef - I was excited that Paul Qui won.  Asian cuisine seems to be getting more and more recognition recently with Paul being a Japanese chef and Floyd Cardoz (Indian cuisine) winning Top Chef Masters.  The head judge - Tom Colicchio - said that the Japanese inspired food Paul cooked in the finale was the best meal he has eaten in any Top Chef finale - including Masters.  That's high praise!

The dish that Paul served as his appetizer 'Chawanmushi' looked interesting - and is also something that I've never seen offered in any Japanese restaurant in Vancouver.  Which is not surprising.  If you've been following my food posts from Facebook/Google+ you know that I have issues with the 'American Japanese' food being offered by the mostly Chinese/Korean owned and operated Japanese restaurants in Vancouver.  So I thought why don't I give it a try?  I'm not very experienced in asian cuisine as most cooking resources I have feature French / Italian food.  But I learned French / Italian cooking mostly by researching on the Internet so I just had to do the same thing right?  I just don't have any 'Gordon Ramsay' videos to follow but I found: Cooking with Dog!
  1. First marinate diced chicken pieces and shrimp (peeled and de-veined) in miran wine with a splash of soy sauce
  2. Create your dashi stock:
    1. Combine bonito flakes and konbu seaweed in a pot of water
    2. Bring up to a simmer on medium.  Don't let it get to a boil.
    3. Strain through a Chinois lined with a coffee filter
  3. Beat 2 eggs with some white pepper.
  4. Combine eggs with dashi stock
  5. Put the marinated chicken and shrimp pieces at the bottom of a ramekin
  6. Pour in the egg/dashi mixture.
  7. Top with the parsley leaves
  8. Steam at high heat for 3 minutes, then bring down the heat to low for 15 min
So I liked how the steamed egg portion turned out, but the shrimp and chicken ended up overcooked.  I would probably cooked it for 10 min instead next time.  It's a very comforting dish.

Season 2 of Top Chef Canada is starting tomorrow night (March 12)!  I'm excited!

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  1. Someone asked me to write more about creating the dashi stock. So here's a webpage that I used to learn from:

    I only found their method to be a bit tedious where you simmer the konbu, strain. simmer the bonito flakes, strain. Why not do it all at once? So that's what I did. I also added some dehydrated chinese mushrooms which was not written up above.