Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Air Canada First Class Lounge @ YVR

I'm in San Antonio right now for a Church Conference.  But I think I'm in trouble.  It's 1 AM here in San Antonio time but 10 PM in Vancouver time.  No way I'm getting to sleep until like 3 AM local.  But my first session tomorrow is 6 AM Vancouver time.  Oh oh.  I hope after I write up this blog entry I'll be able to get to fall asleep soon.

I was offered an upgrade to First Class when checking in so I decided to do it for another $75.  Not only does this come with comfier seats (I hate sharing armrests !!) I get access to the first class lounge!  Although this is the Air Canada first class lounge in the US departures terminal, you will get access to it if your first class ticket is for any Star Alliance airline carrier.

The first class lounge was really exciting to get into but once I got to see it - it's kinda disappointing.  They offer an all you can eat salad bar:

They have some Automated coffee machines that grinds your beans to order and make cappuccinos and lattes:

Free Cookies (English Bay):

An open fridge for you to grab Sodas, Juices, etc:

But probably the most interesting thing is all you can drink Booze (which I did not partake):

And shower facilities:

Not pictured:

  • Tortilla Chips and Salsa
  • Minestrone Soup

So the First Class Lounge was a bit of a let down.   Hopefully I will be able to dine at some neat places while I'm here in San Antonio and I'll be sure to share it on my food blog!  On my list of food to eat: Texas BBQ, Cajun/Creole, Tex Mex, Mexican.


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  2. After travelling to Phoenix and San Antonio and discovering that there were no first class lounges there, it made me appreciate the lounge in Vancouver a lot more.

  3. Its too bad that they serve such awful coffee. There was a group of us in there all commenting on how bad the Van Houtte coffee was. Comparable to tar or acid really!! Air Canada needs to step it up a notch!