Friday, July 13, 2012

Salade de Fruites

My co-worker treated me to lunch today at Salade de Fruites and I ordered the "Moules et frites" or "Mussels and Fries".  Whenever I come to eat here I always see people order this and I always said to myself "I have to get this the next time I come here!".  I guess the best time to do it is when someone else is treating!

So you're served this big pot of mussels.  Steamed in a delicious white wine cream sauce it was great with subtle notes of garlic and spring onions.  The mussels themselves were plump, tender and perfectly cooked.  You get A LOT of mussels - and the sauce is pretty rich.  So as good as it is, about 1/2 way through you don't feel like finishing.  I would definitely recommend splitting this as an appetizer with a friend instead of eating an entire order by yourself.  But if you've ever craving mussels - you would be satisfied.... and them some.

The fries are crispy, seasoned well, but otherwise fairly plain.  Served with mayonnaise for dipping.

My pile of empty Mussel shells.  I made a bit of a mess eating this, spilling the broth on myself and almost hitting the gentleman seating next to me.  I must have smelled like mussels for the rest of the day.

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