Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lonestar - San Antonio

Everything is bigger in Texas.

Last day in San Antonio!  I'm writing this blog entry at the airport while I'm waiting for my flight.  One of the Vancouverites I was with really wanted to eat ribs in Texas before returning and I agree with her!

We were recommended a Texas style steak joint on the Riverwalk so we went to check it out.  The drink menu featured something called "The Big Shot".  Basically a super sized 3 flavoured margarita with a bottle of soda stuck in it.  We started chanting 'Do it! Do it! Do it!' and she caved into peer pressure.

Look how big that thing is!!  It looks cool but you drink off the top two layers pretty quick and left with a cup full of red soda.

I ordered a full rack of ribs.  I've had full rack of ribs in Vancouver no problem and didn't think it was a big deal.  So here comes my order:

It can't fit on 1 plate so it's served on two!  Two buns, a bowl of beans, potato salad, and some pickles.  Whoah.  I ended up eating only 1 plate and gave away the 2nd plate to my friends who were dining with me.  Have to say though that I was disappointed with the flavour.  The rub on the ribs was way too salty.  I prefer my ribs a lot more tender than what I was served.  Not quite falling off the bone but comes off easily when I bit into it.  The ribs here had a lot more chew to it than what I prefer.  Last of all it was drenched in sauce.  I do like saucy ribs but this was too much for me.  I did like the BBQ sauce when I scrapped most of it off - it had a nice spicy tang.

Another friend that I was dining with had the Smoked BBQ Sandwich.  I took a photo and asked her for her opinion and she basically just layed into her meal.  "Uninspired" "Boring" "Chicken was too dry".  From the picture below you can see what she meant.  It's basically dry chicken covered in BBQ sauce on a hot dog bun.

It's too bad that my last meal in Texas wasn't a good one - as most of the trip was outstanding.

While I'm writing my blog entry they just announced that my flight is delayed by 1/2 hour and that the flight is overbooked.  I hope I can make my connecting flight back to Vancouver ok.  Apparently American Airlines staged a last minute strike and is messing up air travel for everybody today.

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